Purity FG Gear Fluids

PURITY FG EP Gear Fluids offer a number of lubricating options, including an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered antimicrobial preservative for use in food-grade lubricants (lubricants with incidental contact).

Product Description


Petro-Canada’s PURITY FG EP Gear Fluids are advanced food grade lubricants formulated to deliver superior, longer lasting protection than leading specialty food grade lubricants. PURITY FG’s superiority results from more than 20 years formulating experience. Using the patented HT purity process, Petro-Canada produces a 99.9% pure, crystal clear base oil – the purest in the world. Free of impurities that can hinder per formance and fortified with specially selected per formance additives, PURITY FG EP Gear Fluids provide outstanding resistance to oxidation, and protection from wear and shock loading. PURITY FG EP Gear Fluids also meet the highest food industry purity standards and fit perfectly in HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) plans.

Features and Benefits

1. Outstanding resistance to oxidative breakdown

• Keeps gear boxes free of sludge and varnish
• Results in longer fluid life and reduced downtime even at high temperatures and in the presence of water and acidic contamination

2. Long-term protection from rust and corrosion

• Protects gears from moisture damage
• Prevents the formation of emulsions that cause rust
• Protects bronze and copper components

3. Excellent wear and extreme pressure protection

• Prevents seizure, scuffing and spalling under shock loading conditions
• Reduces gear and bearing wear
• Improves load bearing capability

4. Resistant to foaming and air entrapment

• Prevents reservoir over flow
• Prevents gear damage caused by insufficient lubricant film due to aeration

5. Resistance to contamination

• Rapidly separates from water

6. Fully approved for use in and around food processing areas

• H1 registered by NSF
• All fluids meet the requirements of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) as H1 lubricants for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants where incidental food contact may occur
• All fluid components comply with FDA 21 CFR 178.3570 “Lubricants with incidental food contact”
• Approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for use in registered food processing plants
• Certified by Star K for use in the preparation of kosher food.
• Certified Halal by IFANCA

7. Free of genetically modified substances (GMS)


PURITY FG EP Gear Fluids provide outstanding lubrication in all enclosed gears (worm, helical, bevel and spur) operating under normal or heavy
shock-loading conditions. Because of their inherently low volatility, PURITY FG EP Gear Fluids may be used in oil mist lubricating systems where specific mist control additives are not required. PURITY FG EP Gear Fluids can also be used in bearings and chain drives, providing long service life and clean operation.

Typical Performance Data

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